Thursday, May 06, 2004

There is power in a union.

Any one up for a bit of corporate mischief making?

I received this from a mate via email. On the surface it's a fairly worthy cause. It appears that the Cameroon football team has been ludicrously fined a hefty sum and has had six points deducted from its next World Cup qualifying Campaign.

This is as a result of wearing an all-in-one football strip which is apparently outside the laws of the game.

But I hate these email things. I hate viral marketing from big business, however genuine they appear.

I don't like forwarding branded emails. In particular, I dislike sportswear manufacturers. They have, virtually, without exception, out-sourced all their manufacturing to the third world in order to boost profits for shareholders and to free up cash to pay millions to celebrity endorsers.

So I did a Google check on Puma.

And I found this.

And this.

Then there was this.

Then I found this. Puma are set for a 30pc rise in profits.

So after all that I felt less like supporting their campaign, never mind forwarding the email on.

But I thought about it for a while. It is harsh on Cameroon. If you have followed the World Cup then you know what a fantastic team they are to watch. I would hate to see them miss out. I can imagine the damage it would do to Cameroon as a nation too.

So I posted a message on the Puma site. I said:

I support the campaign for the return of the six points but I also support a boycott of Puma for using sweatshop Labour.

If you would like to add something similar then go here and choose the "Vote Cameroon" option.

Then if you want to further support the Cameroon team then forward the email site to your friends. But why not ask them to put the same message.

You could use this as your email text:

Puma is campaigning for Cameroon to get six points back that were deducted by FIFA as a result of a their "all in one" kit breaking regulations. With the point deduction Cameroon may well miss out on the next World Cup. However, Puma have a history of using sweatshop workers and failing to recognise Unions. Add your message of support to Cameroon on the website but make sure you also let Puma know that sweatshops are unacceptable by also suggesting a boycott of their products.

To add your voice go to:

And cut and paste the message:

I support the campaign for the return of the six points but I also support a boycott of Puma for using sweatshop Labour.

Please forward to your friends.

Now I know Puma will delete the messages in time. But at least it'll be a complete pain in the arse to them. In the meantime other message leavers will read your comments.

See, isn't a little bit of mischief fun?

Love, light and peace,


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