Wednesday, June 16, 2004

But I left you on the debris. Now we both know you got no money. And I wonder what you would have done without me hanging around.

Cash update.

The target: To set off to Glastonbury on Wednesday (latest).

Need to: Tax, MOT and insure my car.

Current situation.

Client One They are going to pay me tomorrow (they promise). They have also agreed to me picking up the (moderate sized) cheque rather than just posting it which saves me a valuable day in trying to get it cleared in time.

Cash available by: Thursday next week.

Client Two. Again, after much chasing have agreed to pay (small amount) money into my bank. This cuts down on clearing time but the "system" still means it won't be paid in and available before Tuesday of next week.

Cash available by: Tuesday next week

Client Three. This one is a long shot. But it's the largest of the cheques and they have my bank details so theoretically it could just appear in my business account in the next couple of days. However, they are only just nudging the 30 days payment agreement.

Cash available by: Who knows?

The problem:

* Money paid by Client Two is the only cash that will definitely be available to me in time for Glastonbury (if they actually do pay it in when they promise to).

This, would be of a size that would cover spends for Glastonbury but wouldn't cover cost of tax, MOT, etc.

* Money paid in by Client One would cover everything but doesn't clear till Thursday next week. Too late to do anything with except write cheques against.

The trouble is my business account only comes with a SOLO card, rather than a cheque guarantee card, would garages allow that? Would insurance companies accept that?

Possible solution: I get a friend to lend me the cash, in return for a cheque that will clear a couple of days after they lend me the money.

I think this might just work.

Unless anyone has any better ideas?

Love, light and peace,


I saw two shooting stars last night I wished on them but they were only satellites. It's wrong to wish on space hardware. I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care.