Sunday, June 13, 2004

Gonna follow the path that climbs up through the trees. Walk along the cliff top and gaze out to sea. I feel free when I come up here. And if it's clear some days I see the point.

I've mentioned before about the times in life when your cynicism is put aside and you realise there's still hope for the world.

Despite the worst excesses of governments, big business, religion and bigotry, you are reminded that people are overwhelmingly good and are committed to simply trying to make society work for the benefit of all.

Yesterday I was at a wedding. It was a beautiful do that saw Dr Toon tie the knot with his lovely bride. A large proportion of Lovely Bride's family hail from Bangladesh, although over the years many have settled in all parts of the globe.

Suited and booted, I took my place amongst the wedding party, the style of dress ranged from the women's saris to the men's exotic looking Asian styled suits.

Alongside the happy couple, the star of the day was the bride's father. Looking immaculate in a cream suit he delivered a raucous speech detailing his own experiences having moved to England. While, the best men had been asked to tone down their speech, the bride's father was a little more daring. He brought the house down. His words were funny, touching and just what was required. Surveying the room at one point, he spoke of the racial mix of the people who were gathered. In all, family and friends had travelled from a dozen points across the globe. He commented that such a mix was a reflection, in difficult times, of the hope that remains in the world.

This is why I can't understand racial intolerance. Surely this kind of gathering is just what life should be about. I really can't see how the mixing of cultures can be anything but positive.

Certainly, it was a fantastic day. The ceremony was in an old Northumberland Hall, then we moved onto another spot in the country for food, speeches and the evening's entertainment.

It was nice too to meet up with people I don't see that often. Smoggy Toon was there with her Aussie bloke. She'd heard on the grapevine about her Space Hardware Smoggy Toon name. She wanted it changed. Sorry, Smoggy Toon.

I remember a heart to heart I had with ST, the day before I went travelling. She had kindly offered to put me up before my early flight from Teesside Airport. We talked into the night and I recall she touched on men troubles. I'm not sure when she met her bloke but he's a diamond. He's good company and they make a great couple. It was fantastic to see her looking so happy and so confident in herself.

The evening finished with a rousing, punky version of Auld Lang Syne. Arms were linked and the slower opening lines were sung together before the drums kicked in and it gave way to twirling and pogoing.

The atmosphere was superb. That feeling of shared happiness that you get from only the best of occasions. Plus, as I said, that sense that the world is a pretty good place after all.

Perhaps the only downside for me was being there as a single male. It doesn't normally bother me, but weddings do have a habit of reminding you of your unattached status.

However, I have recently met someone who I think is pretty special. VSO means that realistically there is no long term future in it. We both know that. And I shall have to be careful what I type here because I think I have given her my blog link before.

But, last night, I wished she was there with me at the wedding. We knocked text messages backwards and forwards over the day. This meant me scurrying out of the underground bunker of a reception room so I could pick up a signal outside.

I am sure people must have been curious about me continually lurking outside.

Today, will be spent watching football and nursing hangovers. We've given Dr Toon a good send off and the couple have given us a day to remember.

As they prepare to depart on their honeymoon, I wonder what the etiquette is as to whether bride will let groom watch the football.

Love, light and peace,


I saw two shooting stars last night I wished on them but they were only satellites. It's wrong to wish on space hardware. I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care.