Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Those whose lives are ruled by dogma are waiting for a sign. The "Better Dead Than Red" brigade are listening on the line. And the liberal, with a small L, cries in front of the TV. And another demonstration passes on to history.

Once, when I was on a protest march, a friend confided in me his fears that the left could never really win.

To illustrate this he pointed out a "comrade's" banner that was wilting because of a lack of sticky tape. For the want of that tape our message wasn't getting across.

My friend went on to say that the revolution would never happen. Simply because half the people wouldn't turn up on the right day, or there would be squabbles over who was in charge, or what should be in the sandwiches.

It was all a little negative but then again, there was a grain of truth in it.

I sometimes come to the conclusion that the left doesn't like winning. It prefers to be an oppressed minority that can sit in pubs and whinge about the status quo. When we come close to winning, or even close to having our arguments heard and accepted, we usually do what we can to sabotage ourselves.

Step forward Michael Moore. His film is playing to packed audiences in America. He's an international figurehead for the anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-big business movement and increasingly it's the left that is attacking him.

Check this out in the Guardian for example. Now why would a left-leaning newspaper want to have a go at Moore? Perhaps if he was French and his movies were subtitled that might help. Or if he was a South American revolutionary and Fahrenheit 9/11 was made with a handheld video camera, then the Guardian would praise his radical agenda.

But fat Micky in his baseball cap with his simplified messages - read, seen and heard by millions - simply doesn't cut it. Not nearly bohemian enough for the chattering classes.

Ooh and he's made money out of his films too. And Disney didn't really want to ban it - that was just a PR trick. And he has a big house and he's an egomanic you know.

Good, good, good and good again.

I'm glad he's making a wedge, he deserves it. I'm glad he's doing such a good job at promoting his film - and I hope he sits in his big house at the end of a hard day, and thinks what a wonderful bloke he is.

Don't forget too that Bush inadvertantly made Moore richer by giving him a tax cut. With wonderful irony, Moore is now using that tax cut to undermine Bush. Nice one.

He deserves it all. No one is having more success in fighting right wing USA. Bizarrely I get the impression that the massive anti-Moore campaign, started by the right, is now being adopted by the left. Suckers. You're doing what they want us to do, don't you see?

So a couple of inaccuracies have been spotted in his films and books. Fair enough, let us all know what they are and we'll make a mental note to bear that in mind when we see the movie. But if we're talking inaccuracies - how about telling one nation that it must invade another because it has WMDs. And while we're talking about big, black, stinking whoppers - how about claiming the war on terror has meant less terrorist activity than ever before. Except, as they were forced to admit, they were wrong and the terrorist threat is stronger and bigger than ever. Liar, liar pants on fire.

I've marched among millions, I've signed petitions by the score, I've written a handful of letters to my MP and I've blogged, blogged and blogged again. But my activities, and those of my fellow peace campaigners, are a piss in the ocean compared to what Mr Moore has achieved. This movie alone has had more coverage than one million people turning out in central London.

I'm not sure if I condone the media's news values on this one, but either way that is some achievement by MM.

The chattering classes don't like him though. His books and films are too low brow. They would prefer to wrestle with one of those Chomsky books with the nasty little type size. Michael Moore is the Burberry of political literature. Once lauded by the upper echelons it's now been hijacked by the masses. Darling, Michael Moore is soooo last year.

This is a battle that we might just win. Sure we didn't stop the war but Bush and Blair could still find themselves kicked out on their arses. I'm not sure this can be achieved without Moore's assistance. Imagine that, the left winning. Last time we thought we had won, it turned out the man we voted for was a Tory after all. He just happened to be the leader of the Labour party.

Anyway, I shall be going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 tomorrow. I shall be attending with five others. When I saw Bowling for Columbine I needed a couple of hours in the pub afterwards to talk it all through and work out its messages. Moore's films do that - they make you think, they make you question, they make you seek out more answers.

Finally, it seems that Bush is now joining the ranks of the bloggers.

Good to have you aboard Mr Moore. I shall be reading.

Love, light and peace,


I saw two shooting stars last night I wished on them but they were only satellites. It's wrong to wish on space hardware. I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care.