Monday, August 02, 2004

And that's the price I pay for loving you the way that I do.

There are times when people just get it so right and all you can do is sit back and applaud.

On Saturday, I attended the evening do of two friends who were getting married. They put on quite an event.

It was held on the banks of the Tyne at the Baltic arts centre. Only 24 hours after the square in front played host to Top of the Pops.

We took our places on a lovely open terrace, overlooking the river, and as the sun set behind the bridges and the lights on the Millennium Bridge lit up, it really was a beautiful evening.

Better still because the wedding band were local favourite The Baghdaddies - a band whose mix of world music and ska always gets people up and dancing. And when I say dancing, I mean of the high kicking, making an arse out of yourself but you don't care, variety. They are superb.

Anyway, with the Quayside all lit up and the band taking a break before their second set, we walked out on the terrace to cool off. There was much interest as the bridge opened for a party boat.

Once it had cruised up river and turned ready to return, another small craft sailed into view. Minutes later there was ooohing an aaahing a plenty as a succesion of fireworks were let off from the vessel.

It really was a special moment. It was made even more special because Special Person herself was with me. If you've read this blog before you will know I met her through VSO and that she is soon to depart for Mongolia. This was our farewell weekend.

With this in mind, we opted to stay in the rather lovely Malmaison Hotel on the river front.

Special Person wowed my friends who queued up to pay her compliments. In the meantime we were all wowed by the wedding, the quayside and, in general, what Newcastle has become.

As I said, on Friday it hosted Top of the Pops, on Saturday 15,000 fans football arrived for a tournament. The city felt like its years of regeneration were paying off handsomely. I was very poud of Newcastle. For the most part the weather largely held out, and the city just looked beautiful.

On every level - Newcastle, my friends and Special Person, it made me realise just what I'll be missing when I depart.

And I wouldn't have missed a second of it for the world.

Oh and Special Person, if you are reading this, then take care, but I know you'll be just fine. Newcastle's, Aberdeen's and my loss are the Gobi's gain.

Love, light and peace,


I saw two shooting stars last night I wished on them but they were only satellites. It's wrong to wish on space hardware. I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care.